The team Eberle . . .

. . . Works traditionell with combs and scissors . . .


. . . Styles your hair without damage . . .


. . . is exactly the right for you . . .


. . . Is waiting for you . . !

About us

It's very important for us that you feels good with your hairstyle.

Our friendly employee will handle you at the highest level and you'll feel you at home.


• Naturalness

• friendliness
• advicing

• professionalism

are very significant to us.

Thomas Eberle is a hairdresser since 25 years and he has some experiences. His first salon was in 1991 in Brühl, Germany.

Since then we're working with our motto "with the nature" which developed in this years.

In Brühl we've styled some models which then took succesfully part in a fashion show. 

In the year 2012 the hair-salon "Friseur Eberle" did open in Heidelberg.

Our customers are always satisfied.

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